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My Panoramas now on the Forth Road Bridge site

News Posted on 06 Feb, 2012 10:05:28

The official Forth Road Bridge web site has now added a selection of my spherical panoramas:

Now if I could get up the rail bridge……….


High Resolution Panorama Updares

News Posted on 30 Jan, 2012 22:14:10

Hopefully you can now view both the P.S. Waverley and Forth Road Bridge panoramas in high resolution on a home PC/Mac with lower resolution panoramas served when viewing on a iOS / mobile device.

Forth Road Bridge Tour

News Posted on 18 Jan, 2012 20:33:33

I have been working on this for a while, but finally managed to get time over the Christmas holidays to get all the panoramas and pages into shape:

Most of these were taken on a tour during the bridges open week, all the cash raised from the sale of tickets went to local charities.



Site updated – at last

News Posted on 24 Nov, 2011 07:14:23

Well its taken just over a year, but I have finally managed to update the site and add the first project

Its a spherical panorama covering most areas of the P.S. Waverley paddle steamer.

My family and I spent a wonderful day out on her this summer, though to be honest I did not get to see much of the scenery and most of the trip was spent watching the magnificent triple expansion steam engine working with my son.